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Plagiarism Quiz

Most Yale students tell us that they learned about plagiarism in high school. If you read the material in the “Using Sources” section of this website, you will have a chance to refresh what you’ve learned before, and to hear about aspects of writing in college that may be new to you.

You may also find it helpful to take the plagiarism quiz. The quiz has 10 questions, in multiple-choice format. Each question is followed by an explanation to help you understand the correct answer. When we tested this quiz on the first 500 students, they told us that about half of the material was familiar, and half caused them to think differently about some aspect of using sources in papers at Yale.

If you have read the other material on this site, but still have questions about using sources, please write to us at writing@yale.edu. We may answer your question directly, or we may use your input to build new resources on the site. You may also want to look at this great webpage from the Yale College Deans Office that includes Definitions of Plagiarism and Cheating.