Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Classroom Assessment

The Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning is available to consult with individual instructors regarding classroom assessment. A staff member of the Poorvu Center can provide expertise and advise instructors on how to address a variety of assessment-related items including:

  • Aligning assessments with instructional goals and objectives
  • Integrating formative assessments into instruction
  • Measuring learning outcomes from a new instructional activity or intervention
  • Designing rubrics for assessing projects, papers, and presentations
  • Grading using inclusive practices
  • Conducting classroom observations
  • Designing tests and assessing the quality of exam questions
  • Designing mid-course student evaluations
  • Interpreting Online Course Evaluations (OCE)
  • Creating supplemental course evaluation measures

What we need from you

  • Information about the type of support which you are interested in
  • A short description of the course
  • Any relevant documentation (e.g. syllabus, course evaluations, lesson plans, test items, etc.)

What to expect from the Poorvu Center

  • A prompt response to your initial request
  • Consultation regarding educational program design
  • Help developing evaluation plans
  • Knowledge of relevant research that supports your proposal

Generally, consultations for classroom assessment will consist of a small number of meetings and instructors will be responsible for implementing any changes that result from the consultation (e.g. distributing the mid-course evaluations).


Kyle Vitale, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Faculty Teaching Initiatives
203-432-2968 (office)