Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

New to Teaching at Yale

This page provides information and resources relevant to instructors teaching at Yale for the first time. The following pages explore Yale policies, guidelines, and teaching culture; information about Course Selection Period and recommendations for teaching during that time; policies about electronic devices in the classroom; and additional links for a variety of services available to faculty and students. Instructors are also encouraged to review our page on Resources at Yale.

Yale instructors and staff have access to NameCoach, a service that allows users to record their preferred pronunciation of their name. Once recorded, an audible icon will appear next to the name in the online directory and Canvas. Instructors can also read about student use of NameCoach. Yale welcomes new instructors to share their preferred modes of address as a way to belong in the community.

Information about course enrollment, course selection period, grading, university organization, residential college academics, posting the syllabus, and the Center for Teaching and Learning.
Course Selection Period, refers to period of time wherein students “visit” courses as they finalize their schedules. Instructors should consider flexible strategies when planning their courses to account for shifts and changes in student population and preparedness during this time.