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A podcast (online audio recording) can help you communicate ideas, interviews and other content in an effective, readily accessible way. Podcasts are easy to record and can be downloaded to a mobile device such as smartphone or computer for convenient access any time.


  • Easily reach a broad audience
  • Embed a podcast in a website to enhance user experience

How to Get Support 

The Poorvu Center has a Recording Studio fitted with the equipment for podcast, interviews, etc. It is available for faculty and students who would like to use it for Yale class or class-related activities.

Request for the Recording Studio can be made by emailing medialibrary@yale.edu with your preferred times.

Poorvu staff can help you get started with podcasting hardware and software, and work with you to develop specific ideas that a podcast can execute effectively.

Podcasting Equipment in the Recording Studio

  • Microphone: Yeti Blue USB Microphone which helps create impeccable, studio-quality recordings with intuitive and easy steps. The four different pattern modes provide flexibility to record a bevy of diverse recordings like podcast, interviews, audio for videos, vocals, etc.
  • Studio Acoustics: Soundproofing acoustic foam is built in the side walls. It reduces echoes and background noise by absorbing the reverberations sound can make by bouncing off the walls.
  • Mac Mini Computer with Audacity software for editing.