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Academic Integrity Videos

Standards of academic integrity form the foundation of trust that allows scholars to build upon one another’s work. The videos below guide you through the princples, the expectations, and the practices that will keep you academically honest as you contribute to the advancement of knowledge in your field.

Academic Integrity

The following video, describes the five types of academic misconduct identified in Yale’s Academic Regulations for graduate students. It explores the research and learning principles that underlie these policies and discusses strategies for maintaining academic honesty.


Summary and Paraphrase

This video breaks down examples of summary and paraphrase, essential tools for engaging sources without quoting. It discusses when to employ these strategies for entering an academic conversation, and how to paraphrase a source’s language without plagiarizing.


Additional Resources

Still have questions about how to engage other scholars’ ideas in your writing, or want feedback on your use of sources in a draft? Schedule a 1–1 consultation with a Graduate Writing Lab Fellow.

Ready to submit to your instructor, a conference, or an academic journal? The Poorvu Center gives students direct access to Turnitin, where you can double-check that you’ve fairly paraphrased, summarized, and quoted your sources.