Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

How to Schedule a Consultation


How does a consultation work?

Sign up for up to two 30-minute sessions per week for as many weeks as you need. If your document is 10-20 pages (2,500-5,000 words) double-spaced, please book an hour-long session; for documents up to 10 double-spaced pages (2,500 words), you may choose between a 30-minute or hour-long session depending on your needs. If you want consultation services in excess of this limit, contact Julia Istomina to seek permission to use the extra time.

We are happy to work with you on:

  • Dissertation prospectuses
  • Dissertation chapters or theses
  • Research papers or journal articles
  • Research or personal statements for a fellowship application
  • Conference abstracts or presentations
  • Coursework or class assignments

We are ready to help you at any stage of the writing process from an outline to the final draft. Writing consultants can work with you on clarity and coherence, discuss the development of your argument, and offer strategies to strengthen your structure or express your voice. They can also help you with your paragraph and sentence structure and work with you to improve your grammar.

If you need assistance with your curriculum vitae and other career materials, please contact the Office of Career Strategy. If you need help with your teaching portfolio or your teaching statement, schedule a consultation with the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning.

How do I schedule a GWL Consultation?

Accessibility Note: 

Our scheduling platform, called WCOnline, offers a text-only and mobile-friendly interface for scheduling consultations. Navigation in the text-only and mobile area can be done on a touch screen, traditional desktop or laptop, and/or using the tab key and keyboard.  More information on WCOnline and other accessibility features can be found here. 

Schedule a consultation using WCOnline here

  1. Create an account to access the online scheduler.
  2. Login to the schedule and select the consultant and hours that match your needs. We have consultants who specialize in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities with consultation hours throughout the week – a consultant’s field will appear next to their name at the left of the schedule.
  3. Click on the available appointment, complete the form, and save your appointment. We ask you to explain what you would like to work on during the appointment; take advantage of the space to list where you are in the writing process and what you want the consultant to focus on.
  4. You may upload your written work (or the presentation) you wish to discuss at that time or do it at a later point before your appointment.
  5. You will receive a confirmation and a reminder about your appointment by email.