Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Writing Consultants?

Our Writing Consultants are Yale PhD students from a range of disciplines who have extensive experience writing and teaching. They are chosen for their excellence as writers and their ability to offer supportive feedback on the writing of others. 

What types of writing do you work with?

We work with nearly any kind of writing graduate students do: course papers, presentations, theses and dissertation chapters, articles and publications, applications, writing for public audiences, &c. 

Are there any types of writing you don’t work with?

Resumes and other non-academic job search materials are handled by the Office of Career Strategy. For help with your teaching portfolio or your teaching statement, schedule a consultation with the Graduate Teaching Office of the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning.

Can I work with a Writing Consultant from my discipline?

Each consultant’s division—science/social science/humanities—is listed next to their name on the consultation scheduler. When you click a white box to make an appointment, a bio describing the consultant’s department and background appears at the top of the schedling form. Your rapport with your consultant if often more important than a disciplinary match, but you’re free to schedule a meeting with a consultant who is as close to—or as far from—your field as you’d like.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment through your account in the scheduler up to 24 hours before it starts. If an emergency arises less than 24 hours before your appointment, you should immediately email your writing consultant and explain the situation.

Will you proofread my paper?

Graduate Writing Lab consultations are collaborative, so your consultant won’t simply fix the errors in your paper and hand it back to you. They will work with you to edit your sentences for force and clarity. 

Do you offer online consultations?

Yes. Some of our consultants work online only, and any in-person consultation can be converted to an online meeting on the registration form. 

How can I apply for a Writing Consultant position?

We email our job call to all PhD students in March, and conduct interviews in April for positions starting in the fall. For more information on becoming a Graduate Writing Lab Fellow, please contact GWL Director Ryan Wepler.