Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Programs and Funding Opportunities

The Poorvu Center offers multiple opportunities to join colleagues to discuss teaching and learning and to implement evidence-based strategies. Faculty Bulldog Days enables colleagues to observe each other in courses across campus for one week each semester. The Summer Institute on Course (Re)Design provides time ahead of summer recess to design or re-design a part of a course taught in the future. The Canvas @ Yale Lightning Talks showcase innovative work taking place in the classroom using the LMS. We welcome you to explore these opportunities and others at the Poorvu Center.

FAS instructors seeking professional development outside the scope of the Poorvu Center can consider opportunities through Scholars as Leaders; Scholars as Learners (SAL2).

Engage in thought-provoking discussions with colleagues over Zoom. Each discussion will highlight a different topic from the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Sciences. Lunches will explore assessment, evaluation, technologies in the classroom, active learning strategies, and more.
During the Fall 2020 semester, the Poorvu Center will offer several faculty learning communities on various topics. These faculty communities will come together every other week to share resources and strategies and to reflect on their teaching practices in the remote teaching environment.
Vision 2020 is a yearlong Poorvu Center initiative designed to promote effective teaching and learning strategies around controversial content and difficult dialogues in the classroom. Explore the webpage for resources, upcoming events, and information about requesting a custom workshop.
Join Jenny Frederick, Executive Director of the Poorvu Center, and Julie McGurk, Director of Faculty Teaching Initiatives, for an open faculty forum discussion about antiracist pedagogy.
The Poorvu Center invites you to join a yearlong faculty seminar on Inclusive and Equitable Teaching, which will bring together faculty across disciplines who are interested in beginning to explore issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Instructors may apply for grants of up to $500 to support the integration of learning activities into an existing undergraduate or graduate course. The application is open to all tenured and tenure-track faculty, clinical instructional faculty, and lecturers and lectors who have continuing appointments.
The goal of the Faculty Teaching Academy is to build a community of pratice that engages instructors in structured conversations while advancing their knowledge of scholarly approaches to teaching.
The Summer Institute on Course (Re)Design helps instructors examine principles of how people learn, identify assessment strategies to strengthen student learning, and refine components of classes that can be made more inclusive.
As partners, the Poorvu Center and the Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration (RITM) support events addressing issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in scholarship, pedagogy, campus climate, and/or institutional diversity.
The Poorvu Center will host Virtual Faculty Bulldog Days in October 2020. This is an opportunity for faculty to open classes to other faculty at Yale so all can experience the innovative teaching practices happening across Yale.
The Poorvu Center Forum is held annually to explore a topic related to engaging students in the classroom while using educational technology to enhance an evidence-based teaching strategy.
Faculty can use Poll Everywhere to engage students in the classroom by transforming the use of electronic devices, identifying learning gaps, and creating an equitable environment.
Faculty (ladder and non-ladder) may apply for awards of up to $10,000 to experiment with or design and develop new teaching interventions that impact student engagement in the classroom. Write to rosenkranz@yale.edu for more information.