Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Our Staff

Kailasnath Purushothaman
Director of Residential College Science/Math Tutoring
Area: Tutoring, Quantitative Reasoning and Science
A photo of Paula smiling at the camera.
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Writing & Tutoring
Area: Tutoring, Undergraduate Writing
Matt Reynolds
Associate Director of Digital Education
Area: Technology, Online Learning
headshot of kristina
Associate Director, Digital Educational
+1 (203) 314 4965
Area: Technology, Online Learning
Associate Director, Teaching Development and Initiatives
Area: Teaching, Faculty Teaching Initiatives
Ryan Sobeck
Assistant Director, Educational Technology
Area: Educational Technology
Connie Steel image
Humanities Education Evaluator
Area: Evaluation
Thom Stylinski
Senior Creative Producer
Area: Media, Media Production
Lucas Swineford
Executive Director, Digital Education
Area: Technology, Online Learning, Media
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Digital Education Project Manager
Area: Online Learning
Abigail Titus
Project Manager for Digital Education
Area: Online Learning
Craig Tomlin
Field Operations Manager, Yale Broadcast Studio
+1 (203) 737-5281
Area: Broadcast and Media