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Teaching Online at Yale

TEACHING ONLINE AT YALE - learn more below (an illustrated faculty member watches 10+ people on their computer screen via video conferencing software)

The Poorvu Center works hard to uphold the University’s mission: Yale educates aspiring leaders worldwide who serve all sectors of society. The Center works with faculty to teach Yale students, as well as global learners. 

The University first supported online teaching via the Open Yale Courses initiative in 2007. Subsquently, Yale has devoted time and resources to ensuring that faculty and deans develop innovative and impactful online education programs. The Poorvu Center enacts a centralized digital education strategy for the University, one that includes: massive open online courses, blended degree programs, and online certificates. Faculty members interested in teaching online have access to a wealth of expertise at the Poorvu Center, including a Statement on Copyright Ownership of Online Teaching Materials.

Yale explores online learning for a vast and global audience: from lifelong learners seeking to improve knowledge skills, to undergraduate and graduate students looking to supplement their current courses or take a class online to earn college credit, a certificate or a degree.

The leadership for online learning is a campus collaborative. Lucas Swineford, Executive Director of Digital Education, oversees online education efforts at Yale. The Digital Education team at the Poorvu Center supports the creation of degree, non-degree, and open course initiatives. Numerous offices contribute to a vibrant network in disseminating Yale’s intellectual treasury of teaching around the world. To see the full collection of online offerings at Yale, visit the Online Course Catalog. 

The online landscape provides unprecedented avenues for faculty to imagine new ways to transmit their teaching and share it with the world. Explore Yale’s online offerings.
Yale is pursuing a distinctive pathway that emphasizes pedagogical innovation for the benefit of Yale’s own students even as it builds on previous initiatives to continue to share great teaching beyond the campus.
As is often cited, the University’s three core missions are the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge. In the past dozen years, Yale has undertaken important online education projects that have disseminated the best of Yale teaching beyond our classrooms in New Haven.
The Provost has put policy matters in place for online learning. Yale Faculty can log-in using their NetID to view the policies.
Yale University shares the following legal statements regarding coyright, non-degree program export control regulations, and degree program restrictions.