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1-1 Mentoring, Workshops, Group Mentoring

1-1 Mentoring, Workshops, and Group Mentoring

 Two students sit at a table in the Poorvu Center. They are talking and concentrating. Two Academic Strategies Mentors next to each other in Zoom screen, talking to camera with friendly faces.

1-1 Mentoring
Group Mentoring
Meet the Peer Mentors!

1-1 Mentoring

Request a Peer Mentor: academicstrategies@yale.edu
Sign up for a Peer Mentor Slot: https://yalectl.mywconline.com/index.php?msgLOG=YES.

Each student’s goals, responsibilities, and challenges are unique. An individual meeting with a peer academic mentor can help you identify and focus on your goals and develop the strategies that work best for you. During a mentoring session, you will get acquainted with your mentor; your mentor will invite you to talk about the questions on which you are seeking advice; you’ll discuss what has worked well for you previously, and brainstorm with your mentor new approaches to try; together, you’ll create a plan for implementing the new strategies; and finally, you’ll set up a future check-in appointment with the same mentor to follow up on how things are going. Back to Menu


Our Schedule: Workshops Organized by Date
Look for a Workshop: Workshops Organized by Topic

Sign up for the ASP Newsletter: academicstrategies@yale.edu
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In addition, check the ASP homepage, the ASP Facebook Group, and the ASP Instagram (@academicstrategies) for the workshop highlights for the month!

Each of our workshops is created in direct response to the concerns of Yale undergraduates at a given moment. For example, this year we are offering workshops on Studying for Online Exams and How to Study Away from Campus, among others that are geared toward your needs as a Yale student right now. The offerings are constantly evolving based on what is happening at Yale, so keep up-to-date with the calendar by signing up for our newsletter, and joining Poorvu Center: Academic Strategies on Campus Groups! Back to Menu

Small Group Mentoring

Sign-ups for Peer Mentorship Groups for 2020-2021 are now closed.
Sign-ups for for 2021-2022 will open in August 2021.

Meeting regularly with a group of students who share your academic interests can help you stay motivated, engaged, and on track in your learning–especially while we’re online!

Our general peer mentorship groups are organized by class year and general area of academic interest (STEM, arts & humanities, social sciences). Students can also indicate other interests to be considered in forming groups. All Yale undergraduates are eligible for this program. General peer mentorship groups meet biweekly via Zoom, and are led by experienced Academic Strategies Mentors.

Our FGLI peer mentorship groups for first-years and sophomores run in partnership with the Community Initiative. All groups are led by FGLI-identifying peer mentors. The first-year FGLI groups offer information and support for FGLI students transitioning into Yale College, introducing students to key academic resources and discussing issues of particular relevance to FGLI first-years. The sophomore FGLI groups offer more structured support around key challenges sophomores frequently encounter: choosing a major, finding faculty mentorship, and exploring possible careers, research, and internships. Back to Menu

Questions? We’d love to be in touch with you! Just send a note to academicstrategies@yale.edu.
You can also follow us atASP Facebook GroupASP Instagram (@academicstrategies)   

Peer Mentors, 2020-2021

Rebecca Amonor 
rebecca.amonor@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Rebecca is a senior in Timothy Dwight college from Columbus, Ohio. She is double majoring in English and African American Studies. Rebecca is a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow as well as a FroCo in Saybrook college. Outside of class, Rebecca is involved in the Black Church at Yale, where she delights in fostering a spiritual home and community for students. Pre-pandemic, she also played intramural volleyball. Rebecca enjoys laughing (all the time), exploring new places, eating good vegan food (favorites include pad thai, falafel, and samosas), watching movies, meeting new people, singing and listening to inspirational/motivational music and messages. She is passionate about equipping, encouraging and empowering people to reach their full potential and she is ecstatic to meet and mentor students as an academic strategist! If you see her around, don’t hesitate to say hi! :)

Alessandra Baldari
alessandra.baldari@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)


Alessandra is a junior in Trumbull College from North Palm Beach, Florida. She is a pre-med majoring in Psychology with Neuroscience and is a member of the Swimming & Diving Team at Yale. When she is not in the pool (or grabbing coffee with friends at Donut Crazy), she is a counselor for Camp Kesem and a member of the Yale Women’s Athletic Council and the American Red Cross Club at Yale. She speaks three languages (English, Italian, and Spanish) and loves to cook! Alessandra is excited to begin working with other students as an Academic Strategies Mentor!

Bessie Bauman
bessie.bauman@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Bessie is a senior in Ezra Stiles College, studying Economics. She is originally from Olathe, KS and loves to rep the Kansas City Chiefs! Outside of class, she works as a Head of College Office Aide and a Communication & Consent Educator (CCE), in addition to being an Academic Strategies Mentor. Bessie is also very passionate about advancing economic equality through effective laws and policies, so she spends much of her time as the Co-President for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. If you have any questions, Bessie is more than happy to find a time to chat and help out!

Sam Brakarsh
sam.brakarsh@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Sam is a student from Zimbabwe and in Pauli Murray College (2021). He is currently studying social psychology and is in the Global Health Program. On campus, he is the head Peer Liaison for the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), is involved in the Yale African Students Association, is a Chaplaincy Fellow, and works in the fellowship office as well as the Social Perception and Communication Lab at Yale. He also performs in a play once in a while and is interested in the role of art in social change. Sam is not opposed to hugs (COVID-19 regulations pending) and bad jokes when offered.


Nicky Brussel Faria
nicole.brusselfaria@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Nicky is a senior in Davenport College from New York City. She is majoring in the History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health and pursuing an MPH in Health Policy at the Yale School of Public Health. On campus, she is deeply involved in Y2Y New Haven, an initiative to open a student-run overnight program for young adults experiencing homelessness. As an Academic Strategies Mentor, she is excited about working with students to craft adaptive academic strategies in the event that medical needs or emergencies interrupt the traditional semesterly rhythm. Dark chocolate is one of her top three favorite things in the world. Feel free to reach out to her to ask about the other two and with any other questions you may have!

Carlos Carrillo-Gallegos
carlos.carrillo-gallegos@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Carlos is a junior in Trumbull College majoring in Astrophysics. He is from just outside of Los Angeles, but has also lived in North Carolina, Washington D.C, and Mexico City. At Yale, he has been involved with the YDN Podcast Desk, Matriculate, the CCAM, and the East Rock Record. Carlos also does research on star forming regions within the Astrophysics department. Outside of school, he enjoys writing, running, and biking.

Erin Choi
erin.choi@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Erin is a second-semester senior from the suburbs of Maryland and majoring in Psychology. In her free time, she loves to read, to play the ukulele, and to cook new things!   

Jason Contino
jason.contino@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)


Jason is a senior in Benjamin Franklin College, who is majoring in sociology with a concentration in health. He is from Staten Island, New York and is involved with the first-generation/low-income student community on campus. He has just finished up as an Advising Fellow with Yale’s chapter of Matriculate, and will serve as Co-President of A Leg Even next year. He is most interested in public health and labor relations, and likes to be surrounded by friends and laughter.



Durel Crosby
durel.crosby@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Durel is a junior in Grace Hopper College and Eli Whitney Student who came to Yale after earning his associate’s degree in Chicago. He is majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and taking courses in the Education Studies program. On campus, Durel is involved as co-president of the Urban Improvement Corps through which he mentors and tutors a local high school student. After a long summer involving his 12 book summer reading list, learning to handstand, and pursuing the elusive five-minute mile, Durel is eager to dive into the fall semester with all of the Academic Strategies Peers!

Debbie Dada  
debbie.dada@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)   

Debbie is a senior in Pierson College who is majoring in the History of Science, Medicine and Public Health and is a part of the Global Health Studies program. She aspires professionally to work in health system strengthening in West and Central Africa in order to improve child health. She’s passionate about improving the educational outcomes of marginalized populations and is ecstatic to be on the amazing Academic Strategies Peer Mentor program!

Wes Day
wes.day@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Wes is a Chinese-American senior in Branford College from Staten Island, New York. He is majoring in Biomedical Engineering and pursuing the pre-med track. On campus, he works as an EMT at Yale Emergency Medical Services, engages in fascinating research at the Department of Surgery, and serves as an editor for YTV, the video desk of the Yale Daily News. He is always looking to learn more about foreign languages, healthcare policy, and cooking yummy foods. Additionally, he loves all water sports and plays for the Men’s Club Water Polo Team. He is beyond grateful for the opportunity to work and connect with everyone!

Josh Diaz
josh.diaz@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Josh is a senior in Morse College majoring in Sociology as well as being a part of the Education Studies program. He is from a small town called Mantua, New Jersey. Josh is also a proud member of Yale’s Questbridge chapter and is passionate about closing the achievement gap for other low-income students like himself. Outside of his coursework, Josh works as a Morse College Aide and a Communication and Consent Educator. In his free time, Josh likes to relax with friends, listen to music, and play guitar.

Hailee Gibadlo 
hailee.gibadlo@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)’

Hailee (she/her/hers) is a senior in Morse College. She is originally from Amesbury, a small town in northeastern Massachusetts. She is an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major, but she enjoys taking classes pertaining to food systems as well. At Yale, she is a member of club running, Varsity Baking Club, and Matriculate. In her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix and spending time with her suitemates. 

Darlene Gomez
darlene.gomez@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Born and raised in South Los Angeles, Darlene is a Mexican-American first-generation low-income student. She is a senior in Silliman College studying Neuroscience. She is currently working in the lab of Elizabeth Jonas looking into the role of mitochondrial metabolism in neurodegenerative disease states. Her research interests include neurobiology and public health, and hopes to use neurobiology in understanding psychopathology in communities of color. On campus, she is a part of the Yale Cheer team where she cheers on the Yale Football team and the Yale Men’s and Women’s basketball teams. She is also a buttery manager in Silliman where she has taken her love for cooking and baking to whip-up some yummy late night eats.

Meghanlata (Meghan) Gupta
meghanlata.gupta@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)
Meghan is a senior in Morse College from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is an ER& M major, focusing on Native health and law and policy in the United States. On campus, she is a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, works at the Native American Cultural Center, and mentors first-year students during the FOCUS on New Haven pre-orientation program. Outside of school, she loves to eat out in New Haven, hang out with her friends, and watch tv. She is excited to be an Academic Strategies Mentor for the 2019-2020 school year and work to reduce the stigma surrounding academic challenges. 
Danielle Harris
danielle.harris@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)
Danielle is a senior in Berkeley College. She studies History and is a Scholar in the Human Rights Program. Danielle was proudly born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. On campus, Danielle works with the Yale Prison Education Initiative, Yale Undergraduate Prison Project, Danceworks, and the History Keepers Program. In her free time, Danielle enjoys journaling, laughing at her own jokes, listening to Stevie Wonder, dancing, and thinking of ways to be kinder to people and the world. She is looking forward to helping you grow in your studies!

Tyler Jager
tyler.jager@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Tyler is a junior in Silliman from Manchester, Vermont studying Political Science, with a focus on international relations and political economy. He is a member of the Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights at Yale Law School, and hopes to continue his studies of forced migration, humanitarian aid, and political violence after college. Tyler serves as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Review of International Studies, an open-access undergraduate journal bridging academia and long-form journalism on international affairs, gives tours at the Yale University Art Gallery, and works as a research assistant at the Jackson Institute. Tyler can’t wait to serve and learn from all students as an Academic Strategies Mentor!

Gregory Jany
gregory.jany@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)


Greg is a senior in Jonathan Edwards College from Jakarta, Indonesia. Gregory studies History and Economics, with a particular interest in imperialism and post-colonial nation-building, especially in Southeast Asia. On campus, he enjoys organizing conferences for the Yale International Relations Association, where he leads its conference in Taiwan. He also started the Indonesia Yale Association and loves to engage with the Southeast Asian community on campus. When not browsing for books in the Sterling Stacks, he loves to get boba, read, and watch TV shows in his college. He is excited to work as an Academic Strategies Peer Mentor and serve as a resource for all students!

Dana Joseph
dana.joseph@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)


Dana is a senior in Branford College from Connecticut. She is double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry. She is a member of the Yale Club Swim Team, involved with the Reproductive Justice Action League at Yale, and is a FOOT leader. In her free time, she enjoys doing pottery, reading science fiction, baking, and watching TV. 

Naasey Kanko Arthur (she/her/hers)
naasey.kankoarthur@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Naasey is a senior in Pauli Murray and an Economics and Mathematics major. She is from Tema, Ghana. Naasey has served as Speaker Relations Director for the Yale Association for African Peace and Development, and is also involved in article writing for various on-campus publications. She has also worked as a student worker, instructor and mentor for the Yale Young African Scholars program. She loves to eat (fufu is her favorite) and binge watch random YouTube videos for fun. She is excited to work as as an ASP mentor and share her experiences with everyone!

Lauren Kim
lauren.kim@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Lauren (she/her) is a senior in Silliman majoring in Environmental Studies & Urban Studies. She is interested in climate disasters and working with our most impacted communities to shape resiliency strategies. She spent a gap year in Taiwan building agroforestry systems with coastal communities. Lauren advocates for place-based and equitable learning through her work as an Environmental Justice Peer Mentor. She is an aspiring geographer, farms kelp in the Long Island Sound, and is excited to connect with the ASP community.
Jaelen King
jaelen.king@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Jaelen is a Junior from Columbia, SC. He’s in Benjamin Franklin college studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. On campus, he is the upcoming president for the Black Men’s Union, as well as Co-leader for the Black Students for Disarmament at Yale. He is on the club basketball team, and he also works as the Community Connections Coordinator out of the AfAm Cultural Center. In his free time, you can probably find him just talking with friends or trying to sneak in a workout between studying!


Fred Junior Ebongue Makolle
fredjr.ebongue@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Fred is a senior in Benjamin Franklin College who hails from Yaounde, Cameroon and studies Economics and Statistics and Data Science. Fred is also a member of the 1701 Golfing Society at Yale and has previously been involved with the Yale First-Year Class Council, the Yale African Students’ Association and the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace Development. As someone who has benefitted immensely from others’ help, Fred is eager to help and be a source of support for you.

Jack Mattei
jack.mattei@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Jack is a senior History major and a member of the Energy Studies program here at Yale. He also plays for the Mens Lacrosse Team (which takes up most of his extracurricular time.) He is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and is enjoying his time in New Haven. He is looking forward to the opportunity to work with everyone!
Rachel Merrill
rachel.merrill@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)
Rachel is a sophomore in Trumbull College, an Eli Whitney Student who came to Yale after earning her Associate’s degree in Kansas City, MO (her hometown). She is a Mathematics major who is also on her third semester of Modern Hebrew - and has worked as both a mathematics tutor and a writing tutor in the past. On campus, she is involved in the Women’s Leadership Initiative, the Slifka Center, and her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Rachel loves to read in her spare time, and usually has more library books checked out than she can ever finish. Ask her about her dogs (she has pics!) and which TV show she’s nerding out over this week.
Ava Niknahad
ava.niknahad@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)
Ava (she/her/hers) is a senior in Morse College, majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and is also an Education Studies Scholar. She lived in Tehran, Iran for most of her life and she moved to Los Angeles, CA as a junior in high school. She is involved with both pre-medicinal and educational activities on campus. She enjoys being an active member and leader in Splash at Yale and the Refugee and Immigrant Student Education organizations. She volunteers for Yale-New Haven Hospital through Elder Horizons and Art to Heart. She is passionate about combining medicine and education, and her ultimate goal is to help youth from underprivileged communities. In her spare time, she loves to go to the movies, try new food, and read. 
Alejandro Nuno
alejandro.nuno@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Alejandro is a senior in Grace Hopper College from Anaheim, California and is majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. He conducts research at the Medical School investigating neurodevelopment in animal models with autism or schizophrenia. He has also been involved in the FGLI community working as a Student Ambassador for The Community Initiative. On campus, he is involved as a brother of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. In his free time, Alejandro spends time listening to music, binging your next favorite Netflix show, and hanging out with friends.

Alejandro Ortega
alejandro.ortega@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Alejandro is a junior in Benjamin Franklin College majoring in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. He was born in Venezuela and grew up in Miami, FL. Alejandro is involved in Danceworks, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, and the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Curriculum. He is a Questbridge scholar and a proud member of the first-generation/low-income community on campus. Outside of class, he enjoys spending time with friends, cooking vegan food, and watching Tik Toks.

Gabby Ortega
gabby.ortega@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Gabby is a junior in Jonathan Edwards majoring in Political Science. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she is a first-generation, low-income Latina that grew up in a Mexican and Honduran household. She spends most of her time with the cheer team practicing or supporting our men’s football and basketball teams. She is definitely looking forward to participating more on campus and joining more clubs though! In her free time, you can catch her chatting with friends, eating fruit in Fair Haven, or taking a “study break” at the mall!

Michelle Osagie
michelle.osagie@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)
Michelle is a junior in Pauli Murray College from Lisle, Illinois. She is a pre-med student majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, and she is passionate about public health and advocacy for healthcare equality. On campus, Michelle is involved in the Afro-American Cultural Center as an executive board member of Yale Black Women’s Coalition. She also serves on the YCC class council committee, as well as the Yale Health Student Advisory Committee. You can often find Michelle at Donut Crazy racking up Snack Pass points while feeding her caffeine addiction, studying at Steep, or spending time with friends. From her own academic experiences, Michelle has learned the importance of having a supportive learning community, and she is excited to be an ASP mentor and an additional resource for fellow students.



Esther Reyes
esther.reyes@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Esther is a senior in Ezra Stiles College from Brooklyn, NY and is majoring in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. Her family hails from Puebla, Mexico, where her father lives. She is the first-year liaison for MEChA and manages the wardrobe for Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale. She has worked with first-gen/low income communities throughout her time at Yale and will also serve as a Community Initiative Ambassador this year. In her spare time, she loves to file articles for her high school Speech and Debate team, watch Now This videos, and collect earrings. 

Emily Richards
e.richards@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Emily (she/her) is a senior in Pauli Murray College from Berlin, Vermont. She’s a Cognitive Science major with a focus on comparative cognition and has been involved with research at Yale’s Canine Cognition Center since her sophomore year. Outside of classes, she works a variety of student jobs and, as a first-generation and low-income (FGLI) college student, she has been involved with organizations supporting FGLI students apply and transition to college, including Matriculate and Yale’s First-Year Scholars (FSY) program. In her free time, you can find her hanging out with friends, grabbing coffee, or making new Spotify playlists. She’s so excited to work with everyone this year! 
Isabelle Rhee
isabelle.rhee@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Isabelle (she/her) is a junior in Berkeley College from Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. She is studying Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and human rights and is also interested in journalism and poetry. On campus, Isabelle serves as a Peer Liaison with the Asian American Cultural Center, writes and edits with Yale’s political publication, and performs spoken word with Jook Songs. She deeply values her mentors at Yale, who have shown her the importance of asking for help, and as an Academic Strategies Mentor, looks forward to supporting others on their academic journeys.

Henry Rosas
henry.rosasibarra@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Henry is a senior in Timothy Dwight College, majoring in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. Coming from an immigrant Latinx neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona, he is heavily involved with Yale’s Latinx community. He is currently the Co-President of De Colores, La Casa’s LGBTQ group, and a member of Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale. He is a Mellon Mays fellow and a Director’s Fellow at the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, where he researches immigration policy and Latinx community organizing. He also works as an Ambassador for the FGLI Community Initiative. On his free time, he loves to get tacos and elotes in Fair Haven, make playlists on Spotify, or hang out at Donut Crazy.

Marcus Shallow
marcus.shallow@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Marcus is a junior in Silliman College from Elton, a rural town in southwest Louisiana. He is first-generation, low-income student majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and is also a Global Health Scholar through the Jackson Institute. He is a pre-med student and conducts research in a laboratory with the Yale Cardiovascular Research Center. On campus he is involved with Yale Genetics Club, the Roosevelt Institute, and Yale Pathways to Science. He enjoys going to coffee shops and hiking with friends!

Veronica Sosa
veronica.sosa@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)
Veronica is a senior in Berkeley College, originally from Sherman, TX. Currently, Veronica is an American Studies major, but has long-term goals of helping empower women and girls of color and/or from low-income communities. Around campus, you can find Veronica working as the Chief Aide of Berkeley College and organizing around sexual assault with La Casa. In her free time, Veronica loves to spend her exploring New Haven, making Spotify playlists, and hanging out with her friends and mentees!

Ricardo Soto (he/him/his)
ricardo.soto@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Ricardo is a senior in Trumbull College from El Paso, Texas and is currently majoring in Chemical Engineering. Ricardo is very active in research on campus and is currently investigating urban atmospheric chemistry with the Gentner Lab Group. Outside of classes, Ricardo spends his time watching classic films and reading cheesy romance novels.

Sheyenne Tichnell
sheyenne.tichnell@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Sheyenne (she/her/hers) is a Junior in Branford College double majoring in the History of Art and the History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. She grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of western Maryland on her family’s farm. She is the Co-Captain of the Club Archery Team and edits for the Asterisk* Journal of Art and Art History. As a member of the FGLI community, she was an FSY counselor during summer 2020 and currently serves as a CollegePoint Ambassador at Yale. She also works as an Exhibitions Assistant at Artspace, a non-profit community center for emerging artists and contemporary art exhibitions. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, quilting, and baking (while hopefully not setting off the smoke alarms). 

Arianna Jiron Villanueva
arianna.jironvillaneuva@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Arianna is a junior in Ezra Stiles College, studying Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. She is a proud Latinx first-generation low-income student from San Diego, California. On campus she is the Co-president of Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale and a vocalist in La orquesta Tertulia, Yale’s only salsa band. She is passionate about uplifting and amplifying the voices in her community both on and off campus. As a Bouchet fellow she is focusing her research on the impact anti-immigrant rhetoric has on immigrant communities. In her free time, Arianna loves to sing and dance with friends, re-watch ’90s and ’00s rom-coms, and enjoy the sunset.
Juliana Viola
juliana.viola@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)

Juliana (she/her/hers) is a senior in Trumbull College from Milton, MA. She’s majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics and is also part of the Education Studies program. On campus, she has been involved in the CS community as an Undergraduate Learning Assistant and a board member of Women in Computer Science. For fun, she likes to read, solve crossword puzzles, do yoga, and play with her dog Toby. Juliana is excited to work as a mentor and especially looks forward to helping students succeed in STEM courses.

Audrey Yeung
audrey.yeung@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)


Audrey is a junior in Branford College from southern New Jersey. She is a Neuroscience major hoping to pursue medical school. She is involved with Yale Movement (a K-pop dance group), Davenport Pops Orchestra (Yale’s only pops orchestra), and the Yale QuestBridge Chapter. In her free time, she enjoys baking, dancing, drinking coffee, and listening to any and all music. She is dedicated to helping students (especially first-generation low-income) transition to college academics. She is looking forward to getting to know and supporting more people as an Academic Strategies Mentor!

Hannah Yi
hannah.yi@yale.edu(link sends e-mail)


Hannah is a senior Architecture major with a concentration in Design and a member of the Energy Studies program. She is also on the women’s crew team here at Yale, and is originally from Los Angeles, CA. She is excited for the opportunity to work with everyone!