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For First-Years: Videos, Workshops, and Info

ASP Mentor sitting outside in the sun and holding up a syllabus from the class "Religion and Culture in Korea."   Two Mentors next to each other on a Zoom screen, smiling at the camera as they give advice. This image comes from one of the ASP videos for first-years.

Workshop Schedule for Semester
Workshops Organized by Topic

Videos made for First-Years by Upper Level ASP Mentors

Own Your Education: Create the mindsets that will lead you to be happy and satisfied with your Yale education.
Related workshops: Pathways for First-Years

Set Your Priorities: Curate your academic, extracurricular, professional, and personal interests.
Related workshops: Pathways for First-Years, Time Management

Get Organized: Learn how to purposefully prepare for the semester.
Related workshops: Time Management, Getting the Most out of Your Seminars & Lectures

Build Your Team: Create a network within the Yale community to help you discover and achieve your goals.
Related workshops: Cultivating Faculty Mentors, Getting the Most out of Your Seminars & Lectures

Find Your Communities: Find friends and mentors for the social and emotional support you need to thrive at Yale.
Related workshops: Pathways for First-Years

Using the Syllabus: The syllabus is the key to understanding each course; learn how to make the most of it.
Related Workshops: Getting the Most out of Your Seminars & Lectures, Getting the Most Out of Your Readings, Exam Study Strategies

Office Hours: Learn why attending office hours can be central to your academic success:
Related workshops: Getting the Most out of Your Seminars & Lectures, Cultivating Faculty Mentors 

STEM Problem Sets: Learn how college p-sets are different than high school homework and best practices for getting them done successfully.
Related workshops: Getting the Most out of Your Seminars & Lectures; Strategies for Intro Math; Exam Study Strategies, Reading Effectively for STEM 

Essays: Discover key approaches to writing successful college-level essays.
Related workshops: Strategies for Reading Literature, Reading Analytically for Social Science, Getting the Most out of Your Seminars & Lectures

Best Practices for Midterms and Finals: Strategies for succeeding on exams.
Related workshops: Exam Study Strategies, Getting the Most out of Your Seminars & Lectures

College transition for students with learning differences and/or disabilities: Learn about the resources available to students as you adjust your learning strategies for college-level work; contact academicstrategies@yale.edu to be connected with our learning specialist.

First-Year Course Selection

A Process for First-Year Course Selection - Handout

Yale College First-Year Course Selection website

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