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Workshop Descriptions

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Academic and Professional Communication: Writing Emails, Presentations, and Reports

Learn strategies for writing for professional and formal academic audiences.


Creating a Timeline for Your Senior Project

Learn how to plan your writing and research, and how to access support resources for your senior thesis. (For full-year and 1-semester senior thesis writers, as well as juniors planning for the following year.)

Cultivating Faculty Mentors/ Recommendations

Initiate conversations, ask for assistance, request recommendations, and build mentoring relationships with Yale faculty, teaching fellows and staff.

Exam Study Strategies

Learn how to identify the key goals of a course and understand what work is expected for different kinds of assignments, from readng responses to problem sets.

Exam Study Strategies

Reduce exam stress by learning new strategies for preparing and studying for midterms and finals. This workshop offers suggestions for preparing for and taking problem-based, short answer, and essay exams.

Fresh Start

Want to refresh your approaches to your academic work? Our mentors will lead you through a series of activities to help you identify your current strengths and develop new strategies for meeting the new challenges presented by your current semester’s courses.

Managing a Heavy Reading Load

Feeling overwhelmed by piles of reading? Learn some essential strategies to make the most of your limited reading time. Have less stress and create more free time!

Pathways for First-Years

First-years get a lot of advice from a wide variety of sources. But what do you really want to get out of your first year? This interactive workshop helps students identify goals and sources of satisfaction, and offers strategies for avoiding common pitfalls like overextension and burn out.

Pathways for Sophomores

Sophomore year offers new challenges, including increased course loads, upper-level classes, and identifying a major. This interactive workshop helps students set goals and make long-term plans for the year.

Pathways for Juniors

Description coming soon!

Pathways for Seniors

Description coming soon!

Procrastination: How to Work Through It

Everyone procrastinates—but how do you keep your procrastination to a minimum, especially at times of high stress? This workshop helps you identify what triggers procrastination and suggests approaches that can help you work through it and re-engage with your assignments.

Public Speaking for Undergraduates

Professors are increasingly asking students to engage in public speaking, from leading class discussion to more formal presentations. This workshop suggests preparation and performance strategies to help you do your best.

Reading Analytically for Social Science

This workshop provides an overview of deep reading to generate effective contributions to class discussion, develop essay topics, and identify strong evidence for essays. Participants will get practice with these strategies in our interactive session.

Reading Effectively for STEM      

Learn strategies for reading purposefully and efficiently for STEM courses. Topics of discussion include how to effectively read textbook chapters and scientific articles, how to navigate jargon, data, and figures, and how to use readings to prep for problem sets and exams.

Strategies for Reading Literature

Reading literature presents special challenges. How do we read deeply without running out of time to complete the reading? This workshop introduces techniques to help you effectively read and respond to literary works.

Strategies for Intro Econ: Problem Sets & Exams

Learn strategies for efficiently working on intro econ problem sets and key strategies for studying for exams.     

Strategies for Intro Math: Problem Sets & Exams

Struggling to complete your p-sets on time and with minimal errors? Want to learn how to prepare for exams? Our workshop explains the different expectations of college math courses and offers new approaches for success in your college math courses.

Getting the Most Out of Your Language Classes

Learn the daily habits, study skills, and mindsets that can help you participate fully and keep on track in your language classes at Yale.

Supercharging Your Seminars & Lectures: Prep, Participation, Notetaking, Review

Learn strategies for effective note-taking, classroom engagement, and exam and assignment preparation for lectures.

Time Management

Set priorities and develop a weekly schedule that can lead to an active and balanced academic life.